Orientation Ride Schedule:

Orientation Rides will be held every Saturday and Sunday August 2 through Sept 21. Meet at 8:00am, ride at 8:15am from The Bikery: 7556 Van Buren Road Baldwinsville, NY

Rides will be 20-25 miles. Please arrive early to check in and get prepared to leave promptly at 8:15.

Orientation Rides are mandatory for NEW riders. All participants that are new to the RIDE must attend 2. Please plan on attending at least 2. These rides are designed to prepare you for paced, group cycling. Endurance training should be done on your own time using the suggested training guide below.

Weekly updates will be sent via e-mail as needed.

A few training tips from our Lead Shepherd...

So, you have decided, or are thinking about participating in the 2014 Syracuse Ride for Missing Children September 26th, but you may not be sure if you are prepared.

First, relax! This is not a difficult Century ride. The ride makes a lot of stops, has a lot of support, and best of all, the 2014 route is relatively flat. . Our promise is that what you gain in personal fitness will only be overshadowed by the positive experience you will get by your contribution to helping spread the child safety awareness and by providing financial support that benefits the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children\New York Branch.

First, your fitness: You are the only person that really knows how fit you are. Please be sure that if you feel it is necessary, discuss your fitness level with your Doctor. This guide assumes that you are in reasonable fitness and you know how to ride a bike etc., but you may not have been riding all that much lately or may have never ridden in a ride of this distance (approximately 100 miles).

Cycling Training Guide

Second, your bike/equipment: The Syracuse Ride for Missing Children has the terrific appreciation towards The Bikery VanBuren Rd. in Baldwinsville and Syracuse Bicycle for their support of this ride and we highly encourage you to contact them regarding any equipment need you may have prior to the ride.

Here are a few things to think about:

Equipment Tips:
• Helmet: Wearing a helmet is mandatory to participate in the Ride for Missing Children, but it is not necessary to spend a great deal of money on one. All helmets commercially available must meet the same crash safety standards, so your choice should be determined by comfort, preferred style and/or budget. Both Syracuse Bicycle and The Bikery will have a large selection to pick from if you do not currently own one.
• Gloves: Recommended. They help prevent fatigue, and if you happen to fall over, they become significant in value.
• Shorts: Some people are rather tough and can ride in just about anything. Our recommendation is to look at a pair of cycling shorts in the $50-100.00 price range for optimum comfort.
• Shoes: Cycling shoes are simply better since they are designed for cycling. We recommend a quality road shoe combined with a clip in pedal system.
• Socks: A quality wicking cycling sock is best.
• Jersey: If this is your first ride, we will give you one.
• Foul Weather: Say it isn’t so! But just in case, a suitable cycling rain jacket, pants and overshoes will make life a lot easier.

Bike Tips:
• Bike: A road bike is highly recommended. The technological evolution of cycling continues to make the sport more and more enjoyable. If your bike is old (over 10-15 years), take the time and go and test ride a new bike and talk to local riders, clubs or participate in a Ride for Missing Children (RFMC) Orientation Ride and we can offer suggestions. Triathlon specific bikes and fixed gear bikes are not allowed.
• Position or bike fit: Call your preferred bike shop, cycling club, or participate in a RFMC Orientation Ride and have your fit evaluated. In general, the road bike position when properly fitted (but perhaps with a slightly elevated handle bar) is best for long rides.
• Saddle: There has been some terrific advancement in saddles in the last few years. If yours is not comfortable (and you already wear good shorts) the best thing you can do is to talk to your favorite bike shop and see what they have and try a few different saddles out. Saddle comfort is key to an enjoyable ride.
• Tires: A good quality tire with a Kevlar layer is best. Keep the pressure near the maximum that it is rated for, but not in excess of 120 psi (they roll faster when hard but they will make the ride more harsh).